School Cafeteria

Vend-ucation provides automatic cafeterias, offering student access to meals, fresh food and Smart Snack compliant refreshments through School Lunch POS integrations wherever students congregate.


Student Food Access with Common Contact Protection

Ultraviolet light automatically disinfects after every vend! 

What Can Vend-ucation Do for Your School?

Reimbursable Meals & Increased Income

Speed Up Lunch Lines

Increase Income

Lower Labor Costs

Automatic Breakfast Vending

Campuses Without Kitchens

School Branding

Charter School Meal Vending

Our K-12 POS Partners

Point-of-Sale systems permit 24-7 student food purchases with a secure double identification procedure from an Automatic Cafeteria. Vend-ucation partners with the following systems.

K-12 Vending Success Stories

“… Today we have four units in our high school of 1400 students and one in our middle school. This is by far the best solution for us and last year we ranked in the number one spot for sales per student per day. Vending or as we call it “Dining Services On the Go” will be a part of our business for decades. Our students and teachers both love the fresh selections and the ease of use. ” Check out Amanda’s full story here.

Amanda Venezia

Director of Dining Services, Londonderry School District

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