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Universal Free Meal Vending Kiosk

CEP qualification has benefited many schools. But breakfast participation has not matched lunch participation in most schools. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink…. or you can offer students free breakfast but you can’t make them take it.

Convenience is the primary control factor for this generation of Americans. Some schools have staffed breakfast bars by school entrances to increase participation. While this has been effective the labor cost has been astronomical. Perhaps it was hoped the breakfast participation would continue after the labor investment funding was extinguished. There is a better way.

Why not have an unattended self-op breakfast station right by the school entrance?  There is no labor investment. A MAX Free Breakfast Robotic Kiosk from Vend-ucation offers immediate, convenient access to school meals at any remote site without labor, but provides an NSLP approved accountability procedure. A student simply taps in their student ID into the keypad, followed by the first four digits of their birthday. They choose the free breakfast they want. The soft delivery elevator retrieves and delivers the whole breakfast. The student gets their morning learning fuel. Students can only access one meal per meal period. A report is automatically sent to Food & Nutrition Services detailing which students took what breakfast combination at what time, for complete reporting. Another automatic report is emailed detailing exactly what items and how many of each will be needed for restocking… no guesswork.

The cost is about $11,000 for a MAX Free Breakfast Robotic Kiosk with elevator delivery, a license free POS system, delivery, installation and training. Historically these computerized, automatic retailing systems last at least 12 years. Ask for a quote:

Jim Dillingham