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Student Body Vending

Extreme Fundraising Opportunities
moneyAll schools need more funds. There is a lot of money leaking out of the school vending machines that could be kept in the school for school activities. Schools that convert to self-operated healthy vending enjoy thousands and thousands of dollars in net profits from each vending machine annually. The reason is quite simple. All the operating expenses of an outsourced vending service become the net profits for a school choosing to operate their own customized vending machines.  Check out our Fundraising page to see what other schools are earning from the machines they operate for profit, nutritional value and improving school culture.

The average healthy vending machine earns a school about $10,000 in net income (after product cost) on an annual basis. There are no operating costs for school self-op machines to eat up the profits. There are no route personnel, no State or Federal taxes, no route trucks to buy, no fuel, tolls, vehicle repairs, or warehouse personnel to pay. All of those costs become the net profit of the school operating their own vending machines. You can review this brief 5 minute You Tube presentation explaining the 6 reasons whey self-op school vending earns between 500-1000% more than commissions from an outsourced vending company: The 6 Reasons why Self-op School Vending Is Extraordinarily More Profitable

Review a free manual explaining How Students Can Operate Their Own School Vending Machines for fundraising, business/marketing education, nutritional education and encouraging students to stay safe on campus by offering nutritional substance 24-7:  How To Manual Student Vending

Educational Opportunities
Student operated school vending offers a wide range of educational opportunities that Vend-ucation supports.

  • All vending machines can be internet connected to record every purchase, offer cashless purchases from pre-paid student accounts, generated reports for cash and inventory accountability, marketing review, nutrition value and operational review, as well as administration auditing.
  • The vending machines can actually email an alert to the appropriate person when products reach a low par level, indicating the need for restocking. An exact pick-list can be printed out to identify exactly the items and quantities of vending products that will be needed for restocking for each machine.
  • The machines can send alerts to vocational students tasked with maintenance and repair, notifying them of a coin or bill jam or an excessive temperature.
  • Planograms can be printed out for Special Education students to use for restocking, as this offers them job credits and job training.
  • Certain cashless payment options offer email receipts that can be used for creating an advertising cell-phonerevenue stream for the Student Body. Many responsible organizations wanting the attention of the next generation of consumers and voters would pay-per-click to have their weblink added to a school vending purchase receipt sent by email.
  • Inter-departmental partnering offers students the opportunity to work with Nutritional Services for vending food preparation and insuring nutritional values. Students can buy food, snack and beverage products from the Nutrition Dept on a daily basis for vending restocking… keeping the whole process on-campus and within the framework of school supervision. Students can work with the in-school bank for change-coin supplies, cash deposits, money handling and accounting.
  • Academic incentives can be channelled through the nutritious school vending machines, as opposed to cupcakes and classroom pizza parties.

Total Accountability
pencilVend-ucation’s web management program offers complete inventory and cash accountability. Everything is accounted for automatically, making an audit by the supervising educational staff or administration very easy and comprehensive. Watch this 3 minute YouTube presentation with a live school reports:   Web management software