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Socially Responsible School Vending

Wheel Chair Access Requirement
wheel-chairAs of March 15, 2013 any government facility installing vending machines that does not offer a 48” payment and selection access as well as 15” to 48” retrieval access… is subject to fines from the Federal Dept. of Justice of up to $55,000 per violation. There are very few vending machines that qualify for these specifications, new or used. You will not be warned about this by the vending company, as they are not the ones who will be fined. It will be the school that will be fined.

Vend-ucation always offers ADA compliant vending machines.

Here is a link to the advice offered to the vending industry by the National Automatic Merchandising Association:

Reduce Energy Consumption
energy-consumptionOutsourced Vending service providers will not be willing to consider the energy costs for running their vending machines, as this is not their expense. Quite frequently a school’s energy costs for powering the vending machines for which they are paid sales commissions actually exceed the funds they receive. A school can save $150-200 annually per machine with Vend-ucation equipment. Our equipment has qualified for the  Energy Star Tier 2 Certification status, as well as the approval of the California Energy Commission. The silly energy saving devices that shut off a machine until a motion detector turns the power back on is self-defeating in a school and could never be used with a refrigerated vending machine selling perishable foods and beverages. It is also a sales dampening device by eliminating the marketing advantage of appetizing products that are well illuminated. The key is to use low energy LED lighting and not high energy fluorescent bulbs. This is why Vend-ucation only offers LED lighting that uses significantly less electricity and will last a minimum of 500% longer than fluorescent lighting before needing replacement.