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School Store Vending

school-store-vendingYou can sell school supplies, school branded clothes, computer supplies and whatever is sold in your store on a 24-7 basis with a School Store automatic retailing machine. A wide range of products can be sold, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, USB memory sticks, cell phone accessories, Kleenex, lip balm, highlighters, clean canteens, T-shirts, and even gourmet coffee brewing capsules.

Custom Product Configuration    We can configure your School Store vending machine to sell just about anything. You can watch this short Youtube video demonstrating how Facebook uses this same equipment and software to manage their IT supplies inventory: Facebook Vending Machine … 2 min 42 seconds

 Cashless Payment Options
What retail store would be successful in our economy if all they cell-phoneaccepted for payments was cash? School Store Vending Kiosks should certainly accept cash, but also debit cards, credit cards and payments by cell phones, using Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Or you can even include a free POS system so that students don’t need cash to buy from your school store vending machine. See how easy it is for parents to register and fund their child’s account and how easy and secure it would be for a student to make a cash-free vending purchase: License Free School POS

Web Management Program
Connect your school store vending machine to the internet for full reporting and inventory control. The machine will send alert emails when selections need restocking or it is out of dollars to make change. This provides total inventory, cash and sales accountability. This 3 minute Youtube presentation will explain the tremendous value of this web management program: Management

Current Technology School Fundraising
With a School Vending POS program a school marketing department can generate ongoing income from Pay-Per-Click revenue operating through the email receipts from vending purchases made by a student’s POS account.

Sell school jerseys, T-shirts, school branded mugs, nutrition compliant snacks and beverages, coffee K cups, school supplies like notebooks, memory sticks, Chapstick, Tums, breath mints, cough drops, forms, or whatever.

Call or email us. We will be happy to tell you more about this amazing new automatic retailing technology for school stores.