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School Store Vending

Schools have student-body-vendingall the resources for offering a real life business education using hi-tech    retailing vending kiosks customized for school application.  At least 45% of the costs     of an outsourced vending service supplier are converted to school profits when          schools choose to operate their own vending machines. School don’t need the offsite    warehouse or the route trucks or fuel or expensive route service  labor. Schools don’t    have to pay vending salesmen to secure new locations. They don’t have to fund    owners profits or pay income taxes on the vending sales. Schools get to keep all the  profits, not a tiny sliver, when they operate their own school-specific vending kiosks.

Schools can use the same vending business software being used for inventory supplies management at the most recognizable companies in the USA.  While learning from books and simulations certainly educates, a real life business experience that generates thousands of dollars in annual school profits offers a rich opportunity for an intimate learning experience that combines research, marketing, supplies sourcing, accounting, security, nutrition education, cashless sales, technology applications, and inter-departmental partnering.

Our youth are eager to apply new technology in creative ways. Giving them an opportunity to increase school income by 1,000% (below the national average) while learning how to run a real business seems too good to pass up… especially when there is no upfront investment required.