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Reimbursable Meal Vending

reimbursale-meal-vending-largeA point of sale integrated vending machine can serve as a separate cafeteria line… selling both reimbursable meals for breakfast or lunch along with ala carte sales on the basis of both cash and POS account balance. Your POS program will determine if it a meal will be free, reduced or full price meal and be able to determine if the student has already received a meal during that feeding timeframe.

Many (but not all) K12 School Lunch POS companies offer a school vending license. Check with Vend-ucation as we work with each of the POS/school vending integration platforms. Vend-ucation can offer POS interfaced vending capabilities to about 65% of USA schools. We even offer our own license free school vending POS software for schools without a POS program that interfaces with vending.

Reimbursable Meal Kiosk


Speed Up Cafeteria Lines                                                                                      Sell Breakfast where the students are
Sell More Meals in the Same Amount of Time
Add a Breakfast Program through POS Integrated Vending
Add a Reimbursable Afternoon Snack Program                                             Reduce Shrinkage                                                                                                      Sell Wholesome Fresh Foods & Snacks After School                                      ADA Compliant                                                                                                              Ala Carte sales 24-7 with both cash and Lunch Account balance


These double identification protocols are available, depending on your POS supplier:

clear clamshell meals

  • Double PIN
  • Finger Scan
  • Bar Code Cards
  • RFID Card
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards