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POS School Vending

When Schools operate their own vending machines, interfaced with their School Lunch POS software for cashless purchasing, the financial benefits are dramatically valuable.  Thousands, hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars can be added to school food and nutrition department sales through this unexpected avenue. Recently Pasco County Schools in Florida have stumbled through a successful POS interfaced vending program generating over a million dollars in their first year.  Who can argue with $1,000,ooo in new Food Services sales?

One really shouldn’t be surprised at all about how students respond to a POS integrated school vending machine, as it is just a retailing computer. Teenagers prefer to make technology transactions. They like to do business with machines.

There are several keys to creating the greatest success possible. These include

  1. Multiple payment avenues  (cash, POS, credit/debit cards & cell phone payments)
  2. High visibility… vending success is all about accessibility, visual impact and transaction speed
  3. A great variety of options. Kids like options.
  4. Fresh made foods: sandwiches  (6″ subs, wraps, bulky rolls, triple halves, triangles and even just Uncrustables). parfaits, fresh fruit, veggies & dip, fresh baked cookies, snack combinations create more sales than just commercially pre-packaged foods and beverages.
  5. Constant restocking:  This is what professional vending operators cannot afford to provide. They need their machines to be at least 50% empty before restocking… or they aren’t making any profits.  About 90% of their operating cost become school profits through self-operation… which is a little know fact.

School Self-op vending is dramatically more profitable and nutritious than outsourced vending.

Jim Dillingham

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