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Point of Sale Integrated Vending

Cashless School Vending


You can integrate school operated vending machines into many K-12 School Lunch POS programs on the market. This allows you to sell USDA approved Reimbursable Meals, satisfying the Offer Vs Serve requirements and a double ID validation.

  • Reimbursable Breakfast
  • Reimbursable Lunch
  • Reimbursable Afternoon Snack
  • A la Carte Sales

The Reimbursable qualification can be achieved by offering mix and match choices or all in a single selection.

Free School Vending POS System

pos-keypadVend-ucation offers you a license free PIN Money POS system for your self-op school vending. Parents can place funds into an online account that their child can use in your vending machine during or after school. Students can Identify themselves with a combination of birthday (8 digits) and Personal PIN, or use a bar code reader or biometrics to access their funds for healthy food, beverages and snacks in the school operated vending machine. Parents will get email receipts when their child makes a vending purchase, identifying when the purchase was made, what they purchased and what it cost.


Free Web Management Program



With PIN Money you also get a license free web management program that makes school vending much easier. Your website will record all vending sales (with a time-stamp) for complete cash and inventory accountability. You will be able to generate reports about what is selling and what isn’t and when the sales are being made. You can have the machine send an email alert to let the right person know when products have hit the low-par level or out-of-stock level. They will be able to print out a pick list of the exact items and quantities needed for restocking. The machine can even send an email alert if the cabinet temperature rises above 42 degrees or there is a bill jam or a coin jam, etc. The PIN Money sales funds are automatically deposited into your school bank account every week by ACH.

Watch this brief presentation to see the kinds of reports and alerts that will manage your school vending for the greatest ease and the greatest sales.

Web Management Reports- 3 minute presentation

When Schools add POS integration to their vending … sales historically double. When the web management program is added we see machines stocked and funds secure. Schools are the absolute best vending location category in the USA, with hundreds of hungry students that need fuel for their their minds and bodies. Self-op school vending mines the greatest value possible with all the money being kept in the school, the nutrition focus being maintained and the educational values for the culinary and marketing/business applications are available to incorporate.