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Nutritional Vending

The Kitchen Advantage
charter-vendingLeverage the Incredible Value of your School Cafeteria for highly profitable self-op school vending. Fresh food and snacks that are prepared and packaged by your kitchen staff for your school vending machines means lower prices, fresh food and lots a sales.

Vend-ucation will even give you a free single serve packaging system and supplies (Innoseal) so that you can package and sell fresh baked cookies and muffins; sandwiches; air-popped popcorn with Super Kist 2 buttery topping and sprinkled with cheddar; baby carrots with a ranch dip condiment cup; salads in a clear,layered, domed cup with separate dressing and croutons; fresh baked pretzel with honey mustard squeeze pkg; clear clamshell with nachos, cheese and salsa; and your imagination.

Smart Snacks:  You can download an Excel list of more than 350 commercially available products that satisfy the July 2014 Smart Snack requirements:  Smart-Snack-List July11 2014 . This is the list from the Healthier Generation website that also offers the Smart Snack calculator.

Lower Costs = More Sales + More School Profit
salad-bowlPut a fresh baked wellness compliant cookie into an clear bag, snap seal it with our free Innoseal device and sell that 20-22 cent cookie for 75 cents in your vending machine, probably with a milk as well. Repackage bulk bagels (after slicing it) with a condiment cup of cream cheese to sell in your school vending machine. You will have dropped your product cost by a large percentage and can now well that bagel for a lot less while making more profit for the school.

After School Nutrition

When an athlete or after school activity participant gets out of their activity at 5PM and hasn’t eaten since nutritional-vending10:30 that morning… they are very hungry. They may not eat until 7PM at home, after both Mom & Dad get back from a long day of work. Offer your kids something substantial from your self-op school vending machine… a sandwich and a milk… a freshfruit yogurt parfait with granola…. a small chicken caesar salad in a domed cup. The options are endless.