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Lunchtime School Vending Interface


School Self-op Vending Interface

Unattended Food Retailing


Watch our 2 minute animation presentation on how students use and appreciate the convenient technology based access to the cafeteria’s fresh wholesome food 24-7.

Extend Your School Cafeteria Sales Across the Campus and Throughout The Day with Fresh Food Vending Kiosks

  • Increase NSBLP Reimbursalbe Meal Sales
  • Speed Up Lunch Lines
  • Sell Breakfast meals to students entering the school in the morning
  • Reduce of eliminate shrinkage
  • Reduce your average labor cost per Food Service Service Dollar Earned
  • Win back School Foodservice sales that have been lost to C-stores & fast food restuarants
  • Provide fresh kitchen made foods to the student over-achievers participating in after school activities
  • Reduce Food Waste by selling leftovers through your self-op vending machines