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Fundraising through Vending

After 25 years of designing and supporting self-op school vending machines we have many references that can confirm the dramatically greater value we offer in the context of school vending. The sales figures stated below were either visually read from the non-resettable sales meter, shared by the Point of Sale company, verbally confirmed by the Nutrition Director or Business Manager, or seen on the school’s vending management website we maintain for them. The student populations listed are what was reported at the time this information was gathered.

Butler Tech BioScience Center – West Chester Ohio       There is no kitchen on campus. All meals and ala carte are supplied to the 280 students through POS integrated vending kiosks working with Comalex/Cafe Enterprise software.   

  • In the first 3 months over 4,000 reimbursable meals were sold through the 3 MAX Elevator vending kiosks along with ala carte sales that generated a total sales of $36,000 for those 3 months for 3 vending machines.
  • This translates into average vending sales for each student exceeding $300 per year
  • Butler supplies the fresh made food from another Butler School that has its own kitchen, just a few miles away.

Hempstead High School – Hempstead NY                           This CEP school wanted to improve breakfast sales. Vend-ucation developed a new category of vending machine, offering free breakfast for a student ID and birthday but without requiring a POS integration. Two Free Breakfast Robotic Kiosks were installed by the High School entrance in January 2-16 with immediate benefits.

  • Students do not have to go to the cafeteria in another building just to get breakfast
  • They punch in their student ID and the month and day of their birth, qualifying them for one of the free breakfasts offered in the glass front kiosk
  • Once a selection is made the soft delivery elevator retrieves the selection, delivering it to the student within 10 seconds
  • Breakfast sales immediately jumped by 90-100 sales per day

Pleasant Grove ISD – Texarkana Texas                             Full POS integration, Reimbursable Lunch sales & Ala Carte

High School – (Grades 9-12)

  • 590 Students: $5,626.92 avg per month for 3 machines
  • $9.53 per student per month average vending purchases
  • Total cafeteria sales increased by 17.7% due to vending addition

Middle School – (Grades 6-8)

  • 436 students:  $4,255.66  avg sales per month for 3 machines
  • $9.76 per student per month average vending purchases
  • Total Cafeteria sales increased by 22.9% due to vending addition

Intermediate School (Grades 3-5)

  • 441 students:  $2,729.30 Avg sales per month for 3 machines
  • $6.19 per student per month average vending purchases
  • Total Cafeteria sales increase by 10.5%  due to vending addition

It was reported that the continuing annual slight decline in reimbursable lunch sales was reversed with the increased meal sales through the Vend-ucation MAX machines.

Burlington Vermont High School – Burlington Vermont

Point of Sale integration for a la carte sales

  • Three self-op vending machines were replaced with 3 Vend-cation machines.
  • 1088 Students.
  • The first three month sales total was $13,129.10, a 283% increase in the total vending sales over the previous three months using the older vending machines.
  • Average student purchased $4.02 per month from vending machines
  • Additionally the total cafeteria sales increased by over 10% simply by replacing the previous three old vending machines being self-operated by the school with three new Vend-ucation machines

Richland Bean Blossom High School – Elletsville Indiana

Point of Sale integration to sell Reimbursable Breakfast and a la carte

  • 847 Students (1) MAX ST5000 installed
  • $1,967.44 average sales per month
  • Average student spent $2.32 each month in this one vending machine

Albany High School – Albany California

Cash operation only but web managed machines with online records and alerts

  • 974 students
  • The Albany HS Nutrition Dept replaced two supplier provided Dixie Narco bottle drop vending machines with municipally leased MAX machines from Vend-ucation.
  • The replaced bottle only machines were reported to have generated only $8,000 in annual sales and offered only a 40% net profit, resulting in $3,200 income… which is still far, far better than any commissions a third party professional vending operator would have paid.
  • The two MAX machines offered a far greater product selection and the web management program that send email alerts for restocking and offers sales reports and cash accountability.
  • Sales then jumped to $36,141.25 annually with dramatic 55% profit margin for an annual net profit of $19,877.69  …. an increase of over 600%
  • Because Albany chose to municipally lease the two MAX machines they realized significantly more cash to use in their schools far faster and let the machines pay for themselves instead of using budget funds.

Thorndike School – Unity Maine

POS Integrated MAX selling Reimbursable Breakfast & Lunch & A la Carte

  • Thorndike is a K-12 School with a challenging Free and Reduced percentage.
  • Sales averaged $1,200 per month for the first three years. This machine was referenced in the research paper concerning 3 New England School Lunch programs (Unity ME, Chicopee MA and Laconia NH) in 2010 by Tufts University but funded by Harvard Pilgrim Foundation. This report can be accessed at here and then refer to page 23 for reference to the Vend-ucation vending machine, confirming its average $300 per week in sales.

Concord High School – Concord Michigan

  • This fairly small High School (about 300 students) installed a Meal Magic POS integrated MAX machine in the winter of 2014
  • The Food Service Dept sells reimbursable meals and ala carte from their cash and POS operated MAX machine, enjoying sales averaging about $1,200 per month

Houghton Portage High School – Houghton Michigan

  • This 600 student school sells more through their one Meal Magic POS integrated MAX vending kiosk than in all their other vending machines combined, running between $100-$150 per day… according to the Food Service Director

Concord Carlisle High School – Concord Massachusetts

Nutri-Snack 5000 Cash operation only

  • In 2008 CC HS upgraded their 12 year old self-op Snack Machine (that they had originally also purchased from us) with a  Vend-ucation’s NutriSnack 5000
  • After three years I stopped by and read the non-resettable sale meter. Sales for three years had averaged $31,023 for each year for just this one healthy snack vending machine from Vend-ucation
  • 1208 students – $25.68 average purchases per school year per student for just the snack machine