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Dairy Vending

milk-vendingDairy products can be sold and promoted through customized school vending machines that are designed to sell dairy products like milk in any package whatsoever, string cheese; cheese wedges; crackers & cheese; nachos with cheese & salsa, yogurt, fresh yogurt parfaits with sliced fruit & granola in a domed cup with a taped spoon, yogurt drinks, grilled cheese sandwiches; buffalo chicken wrap with blue cheese; hot air popcorn with olive oil and shaved parmesan packaged fresh in an Innoseal bag; sliced bagel with cream cheese; and a variety of kitchen made or pre-packaged products with dairy components.

USDA funded Afternoon School Snack
Frequently the funds available from the USDA reimbursable after school two-component snack program are not pursued due to the presumed labor cost that would exceed the financial benefits. Vending changes that equation. It only takes a few minutes to stock the machine with the milk and snacks students can choose from. As long as the machine(s) is integrated with the POS program the integrity of the program is insured, with each student being limited to the free beverage and snack within the required timeframe.

Buying Vending Trays
Another possibility for promoting dairy products in school vending is to use the supermarket business model. i.e. When a dairy supplier or promotional organization contracts with a school district to provide funding or discounts to ‘buy’ the selling rights for 10-20 selections (up to two trays) in each refrigerated school vending machine. Most refrigerated, glass-front vending machines offer 35-50 separate selections.  Terms of the agreement would require that only dairy products could be sold from those trays. An emailed phone photo of the product configuration could even serve as an intermittent compliance audit. In fact, the machines that Vend-ucation offers for school self-operation can easily provide total sales records for individual selections and complete trays in addition to total machine unit and dollar sales. Therefore the subsidizing dairy association could easily get unit and dollar sales audits for their subsidized trays in the schools where they promote healthy dairy snacking and drinking.

Cashless Vending for A Dairy Advantage
Most school vending machines are still limited to cash purchases. However if students could use the lunch account funds their parents have provided to buy dairy products in a School Point of Sale integrated vending machine, then that machine is going to get far, far more business than any other competing vending machine in the school… for obvious reasons.  Historical experience demonstrates a significant sales increase (often doubled) when POS integration is offered in a school vending machine.

Local Technical Support for Dairy Vending Machines in Schools
milk-cartonVend-ucation has a North American network of more than 400 Service Associates. The cost of maintaining the school vending machines we provide is far lower due to the local availability of technical support, as well as the unlimited free telephone technical assistance at the factory.