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Charter School Vending

Some ChaScreen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.35.42 PMrter Schools do not enjoy the benefit of a cafeteria. Vend-ucation can offer several avenues of
assistance. The school can operate its own healthy vending machine selling sandwiches, salads, breakfast burritos, yogurt, milk, cereal, cookies, muffins, baked chips, crackers or whatever.
Butler Tech Bioscience in West Chester Ohio uses 4 Vend-ucation point-of-sale integrated vending kiosks to provide all the reimbursable breakfast and lunch meals as well as ala carte to their 280 students and their staff. The fresh food is prepared and packaged at a different Butler School that does have a kitchen.

Free Point Of Sale and Vending Management Software

If you have no Food Services POS software we can give you a free vending based program so that parents can place funds on their child’s food account. The students can access those funds at the school vending machines by just punching in a PIN and their birthday. Cash can be used but it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary.  If you are using parent volunteers to supply the vending products (as is done in Benjamin Franklin High School in Queen Creek, AZ) they will be able to get  email alerts directly from the vending machine, informing them when specific products have reached a “low par” level and need restocking. You could even print out an exact pick list for restocking without having to look at the machine.

Vend-ucation offers customized solutions to a wide range of school feeding challenges. Put us to work finding a better solution for your school.